Plex doesn't start properly when host system gets rebooted

I’m running plex docker container on a raspberry pi 2B.
All runs fine untile a reboot the system.
After if I try to login into plex with http://raspberry:32400

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If I execute sudo docker container restart plex
it come back working as usual.
Could be that docker starts to run container before something is availble?

Probably, is your container settings on a separate drive?
And your media is on raspberry pi or over network?

Sorry, I did not updated that thread.
Yes docker container folder are on a usb drive attached to raspberry.
I had to delay docker startup waiting file system mount.

Now it works.
I don’t know if is forbidden, but since the link is related to a forum with different purpose I think there is no problem: solution

That’s what i was going to say, you can set systemd service to wait for system mount external drives before start.

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