Plex Media multiple sources

Hi All,
I’m running LinuxServer Plex on a Raspberry Pi4.
The Pi has an internal SSD with media, movies and tv, mounted into the docker container /movies and /tv. This works well.
Now I would like to add an external usb-SSD with movies and tvseries. Tried to add this to the docker run command. because documentation says: " Media goes here. Add as many as needed e.g. /movies , /tv , etc."

  -v /home/pi/PlexServer/Library:/config \
  -v /home/pi/PlexServer/Series:/tv \
  -v /media/Evo-SSD/Series:/tv \
  -v /media/Evo-SSD/Movies:/movies \

But this is not accepted in the setup: “Error response from daemon: Duplicate mount point: /tv.”
Any help how to handle multiple sources for /tv and /movies

-v /home/pi/PlexServer/Series:/tv/1 \
 -v /media/Evo-SSD/Series:/tv/2 \

Like above

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Hi J0nnymoe, that worked, thanx and kudos!
Did I miss something in the docs, or is this common knowledge?

Another option (what I do) is use mergerfs to merge your separate drives containing TV content into a single mount point and just share that one mount point into the container.

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