Plex Media Server in Linux Docker Container Stops Responding After Some Time

Server Version#:

I’ve been running Plex Media Server in a Docker container for some time now.
Docker image =
This is running on an Ubuntu server.
I have a HDHomerun Tuner on my network that Plex uses for Live TV viewing/recording (over ethernet, not connected to the server).

It has been fine for months, but in the past few weeks the PMS server seems to stop responding. I can’t get to the web interface, so I can’t see what it’s doing. The Docker container logs don’t seem to show much.
As an example yesterday it wasn’t responding after being up for about 24 hours. So it looks to have started at 07:00 on 14th May, and then in Docker logs I can see the following message
15/05/2024 06:58:24 Connection to closed by remote host.
I didn’t check until 10:44 when I restarted the Docker container.

I’ve checked again today and it’s not responding. The Docker container is up, and I can see PMS is still running in the container, but it doesn’t seem to respond on the web interface or on my Plex app on my phone.

I’ve already used the PlexDBRepair script to check and clean the database. It didn’t find any issues though.

What can I do to investigate the issue further inside the Docker container?
Maybe I can try restarting the PMS service in the container to see if it recovers, and then work from there?