Plex on Synology NAS

I installed the LSIO Plex image on my Synonolgy 1520+. It works great now. This is information for others wanting to do the same thing or similar.
At the recommendation of another website, I setup the port mapping and ran the container. It started up nicely. Synology defaults to bridge mode. After a couple of weeks, I wondered why I could not see my movies on my TVs (fire stick and apple TV), I found it would work very poorly with Plex Remote services turned on. This forced Plex to send the movie to the Plex website and back to my home router to the TVs. Why?

Well I for reasons that are not totally clear to me, the container needed to be in network host mode. LSIO recommends this host mode. Synology defaults to bridge mode. Once installed, I could not get the DSM Docker manager to add the container to the host network - not sure why the Host network in the manager seemed to be in read-only mode refusing to “Add”.
Fix: I exported the container to a JSON file. I set “network”:“host”, … “network_mode”:“host”, … “use_host_network”:true,
Change the name of the original Plex container, then import the modified JSON file whose name, if unchanged, will be the original name.

While you’re here, if you have an Intel Celeron NAS, be sure to set the devices mode for hardware acceleration:
“devices” : [
“CgroupPermissions” : “rwm”,
“PathInContainer” : “/dev/dri/renderD128”,
“PathOnHost” : “/dev/dri/renderD128”
“CgroupPermissions” : “rwm”,
“PathInContainer” : “/dev/dri/card0”,
“PathOnHost” : “/dev/dri/card0”