Plex Player for Arm64

I use Manjaro on RPi-4. There is good docker support to slap up anything that I want on it. I wonder if anyone has had any luck building Plex Player for Linux. I have only been able to get Plex Player installed for source 1 time and it came at the expense of blowing away QT5. If anyone is a genius with these issues, please slap together a working Plex Player Image.

I don’t want to rain on your parade here, but there’s a 99% chance of this not happening. I compiled the plex player and it works fine, thankfully, but I can’t imagine any of us taking the time to work on a container for this. I will wish you luck in one of our team members picking this up though :slight_smile:

What did you compile it on? I have tried Ubuntu, Rasbian, and Manjaro and I am running into problem after problem. While it will compile easily (and is available in all distro repos) on AMD64, I cannot resolve issues on ARM64.

to be fair, i did not compile on anything arm; we do have special builders here for our arm variants, but that’s not my bag. I’m just saying, I would not expect to see something like this from our team.