Plex/shfs seems to access a media file even when nothing is being played

I am struggling with an issue where ONE disk doesn’t spin down in unraid. When I look at open files, it is ALWAYS a media file (a tv episode) which makes me look at Plex. When I check the plex dashboard, nothing is being viewed. Stopping the plex docker allows me to then spin down all disks in the array and they stay spun down.

I don’t honestly know what to do next. I cannot think of a reason as to why Plex would be accessing one single file on my array (oddly it is almost always an episode of Foundation… not sure why, and don’t know that its relevant).

Any pointers on where to turn next?

Thanks in advance

its probably scanning it for intro and credits, a standard plex function. You can disable this behavior in plex settings

Thanks for the idea. I had them set as “scheduled task”. Set to disable. Will monitor…
Appreciate it!