Plex volume mappings query

I currently have Plex installed directly on my Raspberry Pi 4 and wanted to move to Docker.

I am having trouble with the volume mapping configurations. I have 3 external HDDs with all my Plex data and media. They are mounted as follows:


Plex data is stored at:

/mnt/usb1/Data/Plex/Plex Media Server/

Plex media is stored at:





TV Shows:

/mnt/usb1/Video/TV Shows
/mnt/usb2/Video/TV Shows
/mnt/usb3/Video/TV Shows

Documentaries (Movies):


Documentaries (TV Shows):




Other categories are also stored similarly across the 3 external HDDs.

How should the volume mappings be setup with these paths? I also want to integrate Radarr and Sonarr eventually so how would I setup volume mappings for those applications as well?

Long term, I would recommend something like mergerfs so you can properly handle media spread across multiple drives.

Short term, it would be easiest to keep the current folder structure so the move to docker is as easy as possible.

Do the following mounts for data:


That way those drives and all their subfolders are accessible at the same paths inside and outside of the container and plex will find them at the same paths as before from inside the container.

With regards to the plex config folder though. That will be a bit more complicated. I recommend setting up a temporary plex install with just the config folder mapped (in a brand new empty folder on host) so you can see and compare the folder structure. Then you can either move your folder there or map the config folder correctly and recreate

Thanks for the suggestions. For now I’ll keep the folder structure the same.

MergerFS seems very interesting and will definitely give it a try.

My end goal is to have as many apps in Docker as possible to keep the underlying OS clean.