Plex Web : version doesn't seem to be up to date with Plex Server

I’ve just switched from a stand alone instance of Plex on a VM to LinuxServerIO’s container and it’s working great. I’m not a Plex expert (please be gentle) but it does seem that the Plex Media Server version in the container has an old version of Plex Web. It is my understanding that Plex Media Server comes with the latest Plex Web (just part of the media server), but the Plex Web version that I get from the latest LinuxServerIO Plex container is very old. Does LinuxServerIO separate the two somehow? Or perhaps I’m just missing something. Many thanks in advance!

We install Plex’s package in the container. Plex controls the version.

Make sure you’re using the latest docker image

How embarassing. I totally messed this one up as I thought 4.116 was older than 4.56 since I didn’t look beyond two digits. I apologize and LinuxServerIO’s container is working as it should. Sorry!