Plex web video player not working when using host driver

Hi there,

I have a weird issue that I’m not able to figure out. I’ve veen using the linuxserver’s plex docker image successfully for a while now using the bridge network driver. Now for specific reasons I need to be able to run it using the host driver, which shouldn’t be an issue according to any docs.

When running with the host network driver, and opening an SSH tunnel ( -L 32400:localhost:32400) I am able to browse the web gui, BUT I’m unable to play anything in the web player. Other apps like the plex IOS app or infuse also work perfectly, only the web player doesn’t.

It just hangs at trying to play the file but nothing gets through. When I change the container back to the the bridge network or other networks, the video plays without an issue in the browser.

In the logs I only see: Transcode runner appears to have died messages.

Anyone have an idea what could be causing this ?

nevermind … just found there was an iptables POSTROUTING MASQUERADE rule that was causing this behaviour, removed it and now it works …