Pre-Configure containers via environment variable

What is your opinion on pre-configuring containers and why don’t you over a standard way to set parameters that may be out reach of the UI and dont get persisted?

It would be nice to have a convenient way to set certain variables via the environment. The only linuxserver-container I found that uses such mechanism is the deprecated MySQL-Container.

I understand that it is not feasible to replace first-launch-install-scripts in sab/nextcloud to set Indexer/DB-Settings via environment, there are legitimate usecases where such functionality is missing.

To further explain what I mean/why it could be useful/required to do so:
Im currently setting up FreshRSS, and wanted to change the update intervall in which new feeds get pulled in. There is no setting for this, neither in /config nor in the UI. But there is a cronjob that gets executed regularly.
The only way I found to change this is to exec into the container, and change it there.

I bet you see the problem: What if I update the container? Or restart it? These changes are lost.

Here would be the code in question which could be made dynamic, and im pretty sure there are more containers where some of these edge cases may occur.


There is no reason why we didn’t do it other than the fact that no one asked for it.

Open an issue on GitHub and we’ll look into it. Keep in mind that it’s not a promise. As with any feature request, we’ll do the benefit vs cost analysis.

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