Problem customizing init-transmission-config

I am using the facility described in customizing-our-containers to modify the init script found at /root/etc/s6-overlay/s6-rc.d/init-transmission-config/run.

I can cat the script to stdout after changing it (or check it once the container is up) and I can see my changes are present, but they are never applied.

It appears as if my custom init runs after this script is executed by the container and is therefore never applied. I’ve used this technique on other containers with success, any idea what might be the issue?

Turns out the custom-cont-init.d facility runs after the init scripts, so the only way to achieve this is by using the S6_STAGE2_HOOK facility.

However, defining that in this container overwrites the existing value of /docker-mods in the base container image (Package baseimage-alpine · GitHub).

The solution was to call /docker-mods at the top of the script set by my S6_STAGE2_HOOK variable.

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