Problems with Papermerge

Hello everyone in the forum,

First of all, many thanks to all maintainers, the supporters in the forum etc. and everyone else involved in this project, who is doing a great job here!

I’m still a newbie when it comes to Docker etc. I loaded the Paperless image and set it up using Portainer. The image makes a very good impression, the type of data storage with the volumes etc. also suits me very well and is better suited for my purposes than the original Docker images.

I currently have 2 problems and would like to ask for help here:

(I don’t know if I’ve overlooked something, but please bear with me, because I don’t know everything yet and I’m only in the induction phase)

  1. I correctly set the time zone in Paperless (gui) to Europe/Berlin. I changed the same in the settings for portainer/docker-compose -TZ=Europe/Berlin. In the image itself, the correct time is displayed by “date”. What do I have to change here so that the images uploaded to Papermerge have the correct date/time?

  2. If I create an import directory and store files there, they are imported several times and are not deleted after the import. I suspect that I still have a permissions problem here.

I hope for a few tips from you how I can solve the problems.

Many thanks in advance