PXE or iPXE Server

Would it be possible to have an image containing PXE or iPXE (the most compatible, usable of both), tftp, nginx and any other required software? Would be good to be able to bind mount a directory with the images for network boot. Files where to make the boot menu editable.

Yeah we have kicked this around a couple times and it is on my todo list after I get ffmpeg in a beta state.
Not a bind mount but a fully flushed list of bootable linux installers and recovery tools.

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YESSSSSSS Thanks! Will patiently wait.

I am starting this now, should have something before the end of Month.

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Nice! Will definitely use it upon availability. Thanks so much!

Not really what you had requested but hopefully this will go live soon:

I would like to work with upstream to turn this image into something that can have a local tag that locally hosts all of this content via tftp/http.

Wow! Will definitely look into this one! Seems to be exactly and more than what I requested for! Thanks a ton.