Pydio-Cells - Enable Cells-Sync with Ngninx Proxy Manager


I am wondering how I add further ‘scheme’ to my proxy host.

I am not sure even if this is correct.

I am trying to setup cells-sync with pydio-cells container.

Within that there is a further port open called grpc which is 33060

It seems to use the grpc scheme.

I have found that i require this to work with their desktop sync software as here - Cells Server closed the stream without sending trailers - Pydio Cells - Pydio Forums

I seem to require this section added somewhere, but have no real idea on how to add it.

    location / {
        proxy_pass https://localhost:8008;
        grpc_pass grpcs://localhost:8008; # This is the important one!! Replace this port as necessary to match your proxy_pass.

I require the grpc_pass bit

Any ideas on how to get this working?

After 4 days i’ve got it working

In the advanced section in NPM add this

location / {
        # Uncomment this to enable gRPC and thus be able to use cells-sync
        if ($http_content_type = "application/grpc") {
            grpc_pass grpcs://hosted-ip-add:hosted-webgui-port;
        proxy_pass https://hosted-ip-add:hosted-webgui-port;

The IP and the port needed to be the same, not different as indicated in the previous post