Qbittorrent and Transmission absent from LinuxServer.io Repository for Libreelec on RPi4 - how do I install?

Hello. I have followed the instructions here: Containers - LibreELEC.wiki

to install both the docker Libreelec add on and the LinuxServer.io repository.

Looking at the fleet of containers, there is both Transmission and Qbittorrent available, but they don’t show up when browsing the repository on Libreelec.

There is this line in the page"It is also possible to install LinuxServer Docker containers from the SSH console".

But how do I do this? I have absolutely no idea.

Thank you.

Libreelec doesn’t allow downloaders in their official repo, that’s why those are missing.

You can either ssh into your libreelec device and use the docker run command samples from our readmes to create the container, or you can install docker-compose and use the yaml samples from our readmes.