QBittorrent not reloading files after image update


I recently did a docker pull to update my qBittorrent container and the newly launched version of the container is no longer showing the torrents that were previously loaded in the WebUI.

I can confirm that the configs and loaded torrent files are still present and in the directories that I assigned on the host machine.


      image: linuxserver/qbittorrent
      container_name: qbittorrent
        - PUID=1026
        - PGUID=100
        - TZ=America/New_York
        - WEBUI_PORT=8080
        - UMASK_SET=0222
        - ./qbittorrent/config:/config:rw
        - ./qbittorrent/files:/files:rw
        - ./Downloads:/downloads:rw
        - ./Downloads/autoload:/autoload:rw
        - 6881:6881
        - 6881:6881/udp
        - 8080:8080
      restart: unless-stopped

Help would be appreciated with getting the torrents to show up again in the WebUI as I’d not like to go back and re-categorize everything.

Just tried uploading an old torrent to see if I could re-check it and the WebUI did not recognize the addition of the torrent.

As an experiment last night, I downgraded the image to two images behind the current latest for the Qbittorrent Docker container and the old version works correctly.

The issue seems to be isolated to only the two most recent builds of the QBittorrent container.

Have you got some example of version numbers that work against what doesn’t work? Then we can look further into it.

The last version that works for me is

This seems to have been fixed in