qBittorrent - recheck / force recheck doesn't seem to work correctly?

Hi there,

Not sure if I’m giving all the required info for you here (new!), so just ask if there’s something more you need.

I’m running a the latest Docker image of qBittorrent on a Synology NAS. Everything set up well and working - love the work, so thank you!

One thing I can’t do though is pull torrent files into the /download/ location that I’ve downloaded previously - and have them seed again (it just comes up with an error against the torrent). Forcing recheck doesn’t get them to recheck the data properly.

I’ve tried elsewhere - not on my NAS with a different piece of software, and that torrent file correctly identifies the downloaded file and starts it up.

Any ideas? Or is this a known bug/issue (I tried to search here, but couldn’t find anything!).