QBitTorrent - Strange UI Bug

So I have a strange UI problem, it is showing tags and icons instead of the labels. This only started a few days ago.

So I have removed the docker and reinstalled (Unraid), I have removed the Theme.Park theme to verify, even checked it on various other browsers, just in case it was some strange cache bug, however I have been unable to resolve the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas, I’m a bit of a noob when working with dockers, so any advice would be helpful, I thought I would try here before hitting the Unraid forums.

Thanks in advance :wink:

Not a bug, qbittorrent changed how translations are handled. [BUG] Weird tags on all elements · Issue #204 · linuxserver/docker-qbittorrent · GitHub

Okay, thank you for the info. I’ll remove the theme applied.

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