Qbittorrent unrar script!

How can I use the script function in QBittorrent to unrar/unzip downloads?
Right now using Qbittorrent and sonarr in docker on a Synology NAS.
If this really does not work or will not be supported then please does anyone know how to solve this dilemma with downloadclient and sonarr/radarr/lidarr so torrents are unzipped. Otherwise sonarr doesnt touch it…

Thank You!

Wow what a crappy supprt in here… almost a week and not a single answer…
Well turns out, even though there is NO documentation at all mentioning it, that this container already contains p7zip and unrar.
However something seems off… Calling this script in the qbittorrent GUI for script handeling on completed torrents:
unrar x -r “%F/.” "%F/“
Does nothing… The logs for the container starts counting all the rar files it is “extracting” but there is no extraction going on and there is no final unzipped file as a result either…
No error message either… It simply does nothing other then log that it is extracting…

That’s certainly not the right way to ask for further support

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what further support…? What support???
If my initial post didnt give support in a weeks time… I dont know what further support you are talking about. Nobody even responds something like “well actually unrar is included in the package, we just dont mention it anywhere”.

I always speak good about linuxservers images but this will now hold me back in the future.

The answer is here:

unrar x “%F/.r” “%F/”

Great support in here… Never donating to linuxserver again I can tell ya

Hi @Nabzid, I have only just seen this thread so please forgive my absence/delay. I’m sure that you, like others, have been affected by the current COVID-19 situation and that almost the entire planet is currently on lockdown. This has had an unprecedented effect on how everyone lives and works. Unfortunately we are no exception. The lockdown in both the US, UK and mainland Europe has meant our priorities have shifted.

We’re all volunteers here, so our time providing support has had to take even more of a back seat. “But this is one small question” I hear you say. Yes, but this is one in hundreds of questions we have to field every week. Sometimes some of our users and their queries fall through the cracks. I can only apologise for that.

What I do take issue with, however, is your somewhat aggressive response to our delay. Each and every one of us at LSIO has been affected by the pandemic (and subsequent lockdown). We are all working from home, juggling our professions with a new environment, closer proximity to our families (and all of the stresses that comes with it). Some members of the team also work in the medical profession, and have been putting their lives on the line to help fight the virus. Your question, unfortunately, isn’t important right now.

Please put this whole thing into context before you decide to go on the offensive. We are more than happy to look into refunding your previous donations if you feel very strongly on the matter.

I understand what you are saying and you are right. I agree this should not be directed towards entire linuxserver.
However when @aptalca comes and gives this answer he has the time to at least write something else then a non-answer.
I feel this was a real shitmove from him. He could avoid answering if he doesnt have time or if he answers, then at least give a answer related to the question. That annoyed me a lot, real douchbag that guy.

I took the time to let you know that your attitude was not acceptable. It was not a sarcastic message, it was a warning. Perhaps that wasn’t clear.

This time I’ll be clearer.

Generally offensive or abusive behavior (such as name calling) will not be tolerated on this forum. This is your final warning.

Ahh thats what you meant with “further support”.
Thank You for taking time to write again.

Inconsiderate comments aside… This topic got me in the right direction. I’m new to docker et al and have been struggling through the setup.

unrar x -kb “%R/*.rar” “%F”

has been the trick to getting what I want done. I’ve been riding the struggle bus on bad CRC errors on a significant number of torrent downloads with qbittorrent (Just swapped from uTorrent).

Seems that unrar is built into linuxserver images and works out of the box. I used docker exec to test on previously downloaded files to get to where I wanted this to end up.

This command unpacks any .rar file in the root path back into the original root path. the -kb ignores failed crc as I’ve found that all still play as I desire. I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong but I’m getting the results I want.

Sorry to revive an old thread but this is still coming up a year later while googling.

I’ve just implemented the suggested fix by @Nabzid and time will tell if it works but for the sake of clearing my Sonarr backlog, this little bit of manual intervention seems to do the trick.

Find .rar files in /data/torrents/tv, extract them into the correct subdirectory (where the .rar file is located) without overwriting any files that have been extracted previously:

find /data/torrents/tv -name '*.rar' -execdir unrar x -o- {} \; 

Thanks all.

I also noticed @Nabzid is using unraid. If you’re using a docker with this command you need to make sure the docker’s path match the actual server file path. Unrar will not know the mapping so your container defined directories will not work.

For example:
container path: “/data”
host path: “mnt/user/downloads”

container path: “/mnt/user/downloads”
host path: “mnt/user/downloads”

I can’t understand how to install it. Can u guide me how to do it?

You just follow the readme, and ask educated questions if something goes wrong
I’m not sure you’re even on topic in this thread, and you posted in something that has been dead for 7mo… Etiquette buddy.

could you please show me where it says anything about unrar setup in the readme

If you were talking about INSTALLING unrar, it’s already there. I will lock this thread now, it has run its course.