Qbittorrent - WebUI never loads

Hi all. I’ve searched for similar issues and not found any that quite match.

I’m an fairly experienced Docker user who actively runs a few but am no deep technical expert.

I’ve installed the qbittorrent container as instructed (I believe) on my Synology with all the required environment variables set correctly. The logs look good too. But when I try to connect to the 8080 port on the server IP address I get no response (browser times out).

Any guesses as to why I can’t set the Web UI to load? I’ve not had the same issue with linuxserver/deluge or other containers I’ve used in the past.


(N) 2024-02-21T13:53:43 - qBittorrent v4.6.3 started
(N) 2024-02-21T13:53:43 - Using config directory: /config/qBittorrent
(N) 2024-02-21T13:53:43 - Trying to listen on the following list of IP addresses: ",[::]:6881"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Peer ID: "-qB4630-"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - HTTP User-Agent: "qBittorrent/4.6.3"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Distributed Hash Table (DHT) support: ON
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Local Peer Discovery support: ON
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Peer Exchange (PeX) support: ON
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Anonymous mode: OFF
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Encryption support: ON
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Successfully listening on IP. IP: "". Port: "TCP/6881"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Successfully listening on IP. IP: "". Port: "UTP/6881"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Successfully listening on IP. IP: "". Port: "TCP/6881"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Successfully listening on IP. IP: "". Port: "UTP/6881"
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - IP geolocation database loaded. Type: DBIP-Country-Lite. Build time: Thu Feb 1 01:17:55 2024.
(N) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Using built-in WebUI.
(W) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Couldn't load WebUI translation for selected locale (C).
(N) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - WebUI: Now listening on IP: *, port: 8080
(I) 2024-02-21T13:53:44 - Detected external IP. IP: "[withheld, but it was correct]"

Here are the environment variables from the docker console.


i suggest reading the container readme, you are using invalid vars and it looks like you’re missing other things.

Once you read and resolve the current issues, provide your docker compose or docker run along with update container logs. The container logs begin with our ascii logo.

Hi there. Thanks for the quick response. Can you give me any guidance as to what you think is missing/wrong?

As background:

  • I’ve read all the information at qbittorrent - LinuxServer.io and have followed guidance there and in various forum conversations. Is there something else I should read?
  • I used the Synology Docker UI (Container Manager) to create and adjust the variables. I did that with the deluge container and it worked first time so was surprised this didn’t.
  • The only log file is /docker/appdata/qBittorrent/logs/qbittorrent.log and it doesn’t contain an ascii logo. Is there another one somewhere else?

I’ll try deleting and rebuilding the container from the command line. But if anyone has specific suggestions on where I’ve blown it, I’d be pleased to know.


  • there is no GUID var
  • i see no ports mapped
  • we do not support or recommend using any ui (with the unfortunate exception of unraid) to deploy our containers. Supported methods are shown in the readme
  • the container logs were requested, not the application logs. how to get them is covered in the readme.

as a note, the link in your first bullet is the proper readme

Thanks for the additional info. I can see that the printenv didn’t show the mappings, which were the default ones provided in the documentation. Apologies for that.

I rebuilt the container using the CLI rather than the UI and got an error that I hadn’t previously: a conflict on port 6881. I checked with netstat and couldn’t see anything listening on that port. But changing 6881 to 6882 did the job. I deleted and tried it a few different times with different options and the CLI below works consistently to bring up the container with Web UI working properly.

Thanks for your assistance!

docker run -d \
  --name=qbittorrent \
  -e PUID=1000 \
  -e PGID=1000 \
  -e TZ=Europe/London \
  -e WEBUI_PORT=8080 \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -p 6882:6882 \
  -p 6882:6882/udp \
  -v /volume1/docker/appdata/qbittorrent:/config \
  -v /volume1/iTunes:/downloads \
  --restart unless-stopped \

a small note, when you set torrenting _port to X, your mapping must be X as well, not x:y. Covered under the torrenting_port section of the readme.

that said, glad you got it mostly working!

Thanks again Driz. You’re right above the error in the above CLI command (now fixed so others don’t copy bad instructions). I’d realised that error later and fixed within the Docker UI but hadn’t updated my script.

It was moving ALL the torrent references from 6881 to 6882 which fixed the conflict and let the container start properly. Still surprised as netstat shows no conflicts on port 6881.

> sudo netstat -tulpn | grep -i listen | grep 688
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      32037/docker-proxy
tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN      21054/transmissiond
tcp6       0      0 :::6882                 :::*                    LISTEN      32044/docker-proxy
tcp6       0      0 :::16881                :::*                    LISTEN      21054/transmissiond

But all working flawlessly now!