Qortal Node on zima board running casa os

I would like to create a Qortal node on docker which is running on a Zima board with CasaOS. I also have a fresh portainer setup running. any help with creating this would be great.

Im a bit confused by this post. We dont have a qortal container as far as I know. We are not casa OS, and we do not support or recommend portainer for deploying containers… You can browse through our blogs to see our process and procedure for creating a container, or simply check out our github…

on the Zima board website this site is listed in there docs for deploying custom apps, from this link Self-Deploying-Applications | ZimaBoard Docs

sorry if this was not the right place to be asking for this.

The guide they’ve given is just using our site as an example on how to deploy a container.

Should have read all of it instead of skimming, my bad