Question about Serviio container

On it says that the image is deprecated and that it will no longer be updated or rebuilt. A newer version of Serviio has been released, so I was wondering where I can find the image for that version…

You would have to check other developers options on Docker Hub:

OK… I don’t understand this message in the readme:
The team brings you another container release featuring easy user mapping and community support.
I cannot find such a container :frowning:

That message is on every readme for our containers. It states at the top that we aren’t going to be updating this image.
THIS IMAGE IS DEPRECATED. We will no longer be making updates or rebuilding this image. The Dockerhub endpoint will stay online with the current tags for this software.

So, the serviio image and all the other containers are deprecated and won’t be updated, I read that.
But why does it read, that lsio brings me another container featuring bla bla bla? To me that means that you will provide an alternative to the serviio container.
If you mean something else, please clarify the text. And while you’re at it:

I think it’s pretty clear that the header notice supersedes anything that’s below. The rest of the readme is preserved as it was when it was deprecated. The links used to be valid in the past, not anymore. As the header says, it’s deprecated so we won’t be updating anything in there anymore, including the readme.

Well, to me it wasn’t clear where the header notice stopped, so I assumed it continued under the logo and the text I quoted earlier… I’m blond, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who doesn’t understand it as it is now.

Anyway, finally I understand, so thank you for your patience and explanation and pointing out where I went wrong!

Now I wonder how much trouble it would be to clone the repo myself and brew my own serviio container