[Question] docker-webtop, How can I disable the screensaver or modify the duration for it to appear?

System: Linux
Image: linuxserver/webtop:ubuntu-kde
RDP Client: Microsoft Remote Desktop
Issue Description:
I am using the default credentials (abc/abc) to connect to the container desktop using Microsoft Remote Desktop. If there is no activity, the container desktop goes into a screensaver-like state after approximately 5 minutes and requires a password to be entered upon returning to the desktop.
I have searched on GitHub and forums, but there doesn’t seem to be any relevant information. My question is, can I disable this screensaver or modify the duration before it appears?
Thank you for your efforts!

Well first off being able to use RDP on 3389 is an undocumented feature that is about to be phased out. Use these images they will be getting some TLC shortly:

In general they will be getting any of the fixes for screen blanking and screensaver disabling. If using xfce you just remove the files /etc/xdg/autostart/xscreensaver.desktop and /etc/xdg/autostart/xfce4-power-manager.desktop, but every DE is different.

You can also disable blanking like this:

The webtop images have not seen a lot of dev activity as they are being rebased soon to new tech, the rdesktop ones is just a bandwidth limitation on my side, but it is on my todo to at least get them in sync with webtop so people have an alternative if they like slower RDP over the new native web tech.

Thank you very much for the response.
I attempted to add the three commands you mentioned at the beginning of the startwm.sh file, which are as follows:

setterm blank 0
setterm powerdown 0
xset s 0 0

After restarting the container, the screen still locks after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Furthermore, when I checked the Power Management settings in the system settings, I noticed that the Energy Saving and other related settings panels were disabled, and displayed an error message stating Power Management configuration module could not be loaded. The Power Management Service appears not to be running.

You never told me what DE you are running. I assume XFCE alpine on the latest tag?

Sorry for not describing it clearly.
The specific image is linuxserver/webtop:ubuntu-kde-version-0999d6eb

Yeah for kde that would be this:

if [ ! -f $HOME/.config/kwinrc ]; then

kwriteconfig5 --file $HOME/.config/kwinrc --group Compositing --key Enabled false


if [ ! -f $HOME/.config/kscreenlockerrc ]; then

kwriteconfig5 --file $HOME/.config/kscreenlockerrc --group Daemon --key Autolock false


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Thank you very much, it has been tested and proven feasible.

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