Question on how to use AWS VPN server to connect to home network and SWAG

I drive trucks OTR so my network setup is always using various wifi connections. I have a GLiNet Slate router that connects to the WIFI and connects to my home network. (I created an AWS ubuntu instance running OpenVPN to eliminate the (possibly multiple) NATs between me and the internet.) The Slate router creates a VPN connection to AWS. So inbound traffic (for instance to a service in SWAG on docker on my host server ( gets traffic that has been sent to the routable IP.

This isn’t working, I don’t even get that far.

I followed the instructions to install SWAG specifically following the “Create container via dns validation with a wildcard cert” using the CloudFlare DNS for certification. I have modified the ini file and get the “server ready” in the logs. It is at that point that the web server should be visible via; that fails.

When I try to ping this site from my side (via the established VPN tunnel), ping fails with the Slate router ( indicating that is unreachable.

The Slate router has ports 80, 81, and 443 open. It is also forwarding those ports to the host (…101). But after that, there is nothing.

If this is an incorrect posting, please feel free to delete it.

Thank you in advance for any assistance/advice.