Question on "The Perfect Media Server"

I found this amazing website after hearing Alex Kretzschmar speak on the hass podcast ( Since then, I’ve been rapidly devouring the articles as I was about to pull the trigger on building my own PMS/NAS/Docker-goodness box.

In the article “The Perfect Media Server - 2019 Edtion”, @IronicBadger outlines his software stack. I am unclear on the exact “layering” outlined here:

  • Is Proxmox installed “bare metal” using the Proxmox VE installer? Following this, are the Base OS options installed as VMs?

@IronicBadger also mentions that he selects Base OS option 2 (Ubuntu) for the ZFS support.

  • Reading through the Proxmox documentation, it appears that it natively supports ZFS. Would the ZFS support not come from Proxmox? Would you not allocate Storage Pools formatted as ZFS from Proxmox then pass them on to the VMs?

Would appreciate any guidance/comments on this.

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