Question regarding Docker user

Hi, first of all, thanks for your work!

I have been working lately with some of your images, and just want to ask something not found in the forum or doc:

  • Is there any way to specify the username when running a terminal inside the container? At this moment it is “abc”
  • Is there any way to disable sudo password? I tried the env SUDO_PASSWORD in blank, but does not work.
  • I am trying to run the container with --user 1000:1000, along with PUID and PGID to 1000, but it throw permissions errors. Does it require to be run at root?


  • No, we don’t provide any mechanism to change the username.
  • I assume this is the code-server image?
  • Yes, all our images needs to be run as root

Hi @Roxedus, thanks for you answer. Yes, I am working with the code-server image.

Hi @alvarolb, did you have any luck with running’s code-server with custom user?
I also intend to drop privileges to a non root user.

Hi @rishi1111, no, as @Roxedus commented, the instances requires root. I think it is required due to the boot process of the container, that initializes a few things.

I had some luck with renaming abc user to $PUID inside code server container though.