Questions re Swag+DuckDNS on a pi


Please forgive me if these questions are super stupid - I am new to all this.

I have my ddns domain with duckDNS and I have set up port forwarding on my router for ports 80 and 443 to point to my pi ( This pi currently runs docker with Swag, DuckDNS and heimdall. All containers set up, no errors that I can see. Will be adding more docker containers when I’ve sorted this.

Is the configuration of nginex reverse proxy done entirely by the docker-compose.yml? or should I be able to access How can I tell if I’ve configured it correctly?

Also, I have jellyfin installed on a second pi, not within docker - how do I add this to the reverse proxy? Nearly all “how to” directions have it installed in docker on the same host.

Happy to post logs etc if needed.

SWAG setup - this is the swag guide, it should explain anything you need to know.

What are you expecting at this address:port?

the guide also covers this scenario. upstream_app will be the ip you reach the application at, upstream_port is the port used, upstream_proto is whatever protocol you use.

My sincere apologies - I got clobbered with work and haven’t had chance to come back to this.

Something like an admin UI? For example - I have pihole installed on this pi and I can access the admin page using the IP:port. I thought NPM had something similar?

Perfect, just wanted clarification that I was reading it right :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: