Radarr container memory usage question

let me preface this by saying I’m not complaining about the amount of memory used, I have the memory to spare and I subscribe to the “free memory is wasted memory” school of thought.

I was just wondering if this amount memory usage for radarr is expected and/or something everyone is seeing? I do have ~6500 items in radarr is it just because of the sheer number of them?

Running :latest images with the official docker-compose.yaml.

CONTAINER ID   NAME                 CPU %     MEM USAGE / LIMIT     MEM %     NET I/O           BLOCK I/O         PIDS
d0a4ce84de88   bazarr               0.22%     479.7MiB / 30.56GiB   1.53%     67.1MB / 15.9MB   254MB / 42.1MB    121
04d8c9b58c77   lidarr               0.04%     274.4MiB / 30.56GiB   0.88%     59.6MB / 4.96MB   744MB / 1.8GB     28
48c1513ab817   radarr               0.06%     2.303GiB / 30.56GiB   7.54%     191MB / 110MB     419MB / 2.02GB    29
e9723fb3191c   sonarr               0.01%     584MiB / 30.56GiB     1.87%     187MB / 23.4MB    305MB / 541MB     25

Thanks for any info.

I have over 12800 items in Sonarr and it’s using 12MB of RAM.
I don’t have much in Radarr, so I can’t tell if there is some issue with Radarr

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I guess I must’ve caught it when it was doing the metadata scan/update, looking at the longer interval statistics the average usage is acceptable. And seems the 3G one was quite a fluke