Radarr not accepting connections

Hi all,

I’ve updated the Radarr docket image on November 29th (actually it was automatically updated by watchtower, but I believe that is not relevant).

I just noticed that I’m no longer able to connect and the service does not seem to be running since there are no records on the logs since November 29th.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

See here: https://docs.linuxserver.io/faq#my-host-is-incompatible-with-images-based-on-ubuntu-focal

Hello - my radarr is running but webui ist not accessible (ubuntu 20.04 on odroid xu4). Options 2 + 3 of the linked FAQ unfortunately did not solve the problem. Radarr works again if I install linuxserver/radarr:version-v0.2.0.1504. Failed to make + install libseccomp 2.5.1 for arm from source, but was unable to tell the system to use this library installed at /usr/local/lib - any hints are welcom! Thank you so much, Yours, Daniel

odroid xu4 libseccomp - Google Search

i would start with this search; i dont know if anyone on the team uses odroid xu4, but the first result from the search had some suggestions.

OMG… thanks driz. This is what I usually tell everyone. Looked for libseccomp ubuntu and all, but of course I forgot the odroid xu4 bit. thanks a lot

no worries dude

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