Radarr on Kubernetes

Hey All,

Warning: I am a noob to containers

I am trying to run Radarr within a Kubernetes Cluster. I have been able to get the containers running but the issue is: I cannot seem to find a way to do a directory volume in Kubernetes.

My media is stored on nfs share and when I created a nfs PersistentVolume, just added a folder to the share for the pod to save data and did not give access to the media.
I then tried to shell within the container to do a nfs mount and got a Permission denied error.

Any recommendations would be welcome

The cluster is a k3s with Portainer

Unfortunately, we do not support k8s, k3s, or portainer. You are welcome to seek best-effort help in #other-support on discord, but the majority of our userbase use docker, so i would manage my expectations were I you.