Radarr - Randomly missing root folder?

Hola amigos, I have an issue where Radarr will “lose” the root folder randomly, several times a day.

I have two Unraid servers, server1 is being used for apps running Sonarr, Radarr, SAB etc. All three are linnuxserver dockers. Server2 is being used solely as a file server.

Server1 mounts a media share on Server2 via NFS. Media share contains 2 directories, “Movies” and “TV Shows”.

Sonarr and Radarr dockers use similar mappings and both work correctly putting files in the appropriate directory.

At random intervals but generally a few times a day, Radarr will show as “Missing Root Folder: /Movies/” During this time, Sonarr still works fine, and the two servers are connected and share mounted etc. I can manually move data from Server1 to the movie directory on Server2 from the console using Midnight Commander. The media share is also fully available to the rest of my clients (mostly SMB).

Radarr is still active and will download files, it just can find the existing ones or move the new files to Server2.

If I restart Radarr, the issue goes away and all is well for the time being. The problem comes back between 3 to maybe 12 hours later.

Both radarr and Sonarr use PUID of 99 and PGID of 100. In the Path configuration they both have the same access mode of RW/Slave.

/tv <-> mnt/disks/ Shows/

/movies <-> /mnt/disks/

Radarr Version
Version -
Package Version - by linuxserver.io
.NET Core - Yes (3.1.10)
Docker - Yes
DB Migration - 188
AppData directory - /config
Startup directory - /app/radarr/bin
Mode - Console

Seems like mappings are correct as they Radarr works for hours at a time, and Sonarr always works.

Any help or direction greatly appreciated.