Radarr unable to find movies

Hi guys,

i recently switched a few applications from a box into docker. One of those apps is Radarr. Unfortunately I’m having the same issues on docker as on the box before. Radarr is not able to find anything while Sonarr is working like a charm. On my box the solution was to not use mono and replace it with Dot Core. Has anyone the same issue and how did you fix it?

My docker image is running on Synology DSM 7.0
Radarr version: by linuxserver.io

If you’re having the same issues as you did before you switched to containers. Our container isn’t the issue and it’s infact a host issue.

Radarr uses the same basis as Sonarr right? Sonarr is running on a docker container. So it seems not to be a host issue.
You can either use Sonarr / Radarr using mono or Dot Net Core. As far as I remember the issue with mono was that it is unable to use the current TLS (not sure if that is still the fact). When I searched for the issue for my box there were several users that had the same issue and adviced to use Dot Net Core instead of mono.
I’m not that familiar with docker or the image right now So I can’t switch that myself. I think if I’d do that I also completely miss the point of using docker.

Radarr has been running on dotnet in our container for a while, they don’t even provide binaries for use with mono anymore. Please post some logs.