Random "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" when trying to access my subdomains with Swag

I am working to setup my UnRaid server. As part of it, I created a separate docker network for my docker containers. I have a duckdns docker to update my ip address, and swag. With swag, my setup used example.duckdns.org [example replaced with my subdomain] for my domain, wildcard for subdomains, and only subdomains is set to true. My plan is to use separate subdomains from my duckdns subdomain with each docker service I want to access. For services currently setup, so far I only have jellyfin and nextcloud. I enabled the subdomain examples in each and made the edits to the nextcloud configuration to add swag as a trusted proxy and my duckdns domain as a trusted domain. The problem I am running into is that when I access jellyfin.example.duckdns, it often works. As soon as I access nextcloud.duckdns either after logging in via the web or attempting to connect with the android app, I get an “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” in my browser. This will then occur for jellyfin as well. The only resolution I have found is to restart swag or wait awhile. The problem will then quickly resurface after a short period of use. Because it works intermittently with the error seemingly only being triggered after attempting to use nextcloud, I am baffled at what the problem could be. If the problem is with nextcloud, why would it then affect jellyfin? If the problem is with swag, why does it sometimes work?

Any suggestions on where to look? Swag and nextcloud logs don’t have anything after showing they started, and there do not appear to be any errors in the startup process. Jellyfin doesn’t show anything that timed with the connection refused error.