React integration with SWAG?

Hi liso team!

Just wanted to say that the SWAG really is great and the tutorial is fantastic as well. It’s great to see documentation to this standard.

My question is about any experience with setting up a React app to listen on port 80 behind the swag. Most suggestions with React in the docker environment focus on having its own nginx container in which the build is copied over in a 2 stager. But this doesn’t cover the certs of course.

Right now I can’t figure out how to copy the build from the react to swag and do all the config on the docker-compose build. Any suggestions would be great! Otherwise, thanks again for this great work.


If you’re building it with a dockerfile locally, have it export to a location on host ie. /home/user/reactapp and then map that folder in swag ie. -v /home/user/reactapp:/reactapp and set the root directive to /reactapp

Thank you very much! This was more a focus on the docker than swag but will for sure help me out. And thanks for the super fast response :slight_smile: