Rendering 3D images with Blender and NodeJs

Hello guys,

I am planning to use docker for the first time for a project. In the process I came across Since its reputation seems to be very good, I really want to try it with this Blender image.

My plan is to use two containers. The first one includes a NodeJs app that can be accessed through the browser. With a click of a button, I want to send a request to the second container that uses the Blender image to render a specific scene. Blender does not need to be accessible from the host, but only the NodsJs app should be able to access Blender.

It is therefore sufficient that Blender runs headless - without GUI. I would like to render the scene using a python script - like I do with Blender CLI: “blender.exe --background --python”. The rendered image should then be sent back to the NodeJs app so I can download it in the browser.

I would really appreciate if you can guide me how to implement this. Ist it possible with the Blender image?

Thank you!