[Request] 3CX PBX

3CX is a free (if self-hosted) PBX solution that runs e.g. on Ubuntu.
It allows for video conferences, chat between all users, obviously phone calls, etc.
It has apps for Web, Windows, Android and iOS.
I use it as personal phone system to route to the cheapest SIP provider and provide a landline number for use for the family.

no official docker exists, there are two who provide a docker for amd64 and another for arm and i tried the one for arm which does not seem to work even though it was specifically made for raspi4

any takers? :smiley:

We’ve discussed asterisk before (not specifically the 3cx variant) and we had no takers. It’s very unlikely we will do this.

pity, thanks for the feedback though :slight_smile:
side question to your note: 3cx is simply a branded asterisk? or is that more like a closed-source fork?

opinion and poor memory based info… IIRC 3cx was just some shit until they acquired elastix. elastix was an asterisk based system. the product you know as 3cx now is rebranded elastix with 5 years or so of updates. They claim to be an asterisk alternative, but they obviously have asterisk roots. How much of that remains, i dont know. I’ve always considered it a clever front end with numerous modules for asterisk. There is nothing you can do with 3cx that you cant do in asterisk, it just takes a TON more work.

similarly, freepbx is a frontend for asterisk that makes maintenance easier and adds clever modules.

I’ve been working with asterisk since 2002 so i may muddle some details here and there, but the foundations remain the same.

some interesting info courtesy of wikipedia (sadly the interesting arguments on the piaf forums were all deleted by the 3cx overlords)

yea, i really only need telephony, none of that meeting bridge, video telephony, chats etc. ^^
just an app for iphone which can call using sip and also internal users via a short number so 3cx is a bit overkill but its rather easy to setup

thanks driz

maybe look into pbx in a flash, and just run it on an rpi? piaf is based on 3cx now which gives you their attractive front end with all the normal pbx stuff.