[Request] Apache's Guacamole

I would like to request a container for Apache’s Guacamole. There do exist some container options already including an official option, however the official option requires running 3 different containers. I’m looking for an all in one that supports the PUID and PGID env vars that other linuxserver containers use.


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We do have one, but it’s meant to be a base image for gui apps. You can check it out if you want.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I’ve already played with that. I had a slightly different use-case in mind. I was hoping to have just the guacamole web service so I could use it to access my VMs in my home lab. I wouldn’t be running any applications from the docker container itself.

Update: Is there a base image that I could possibly extend to build my own from? Something like the sabnzbd, deluge, or nextcloud containers? I like the linuxserver philosophy and would like to mirror that functionality.

There is one with all required software. It’s oznu/guacamole.

Works but of course would like one made by linuxserver so much more. Their methodology is better without any doubt.

Yes, I have tried that one as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I just get constant error messages about the config directory not being owned by the correct user. The guac service never actually starts. This is why I really love the PGID and PUID functionality of linuxserver containers! Does docker inherently have this functionality? Maybe I’m just overlooking an easy solution? I suppose I could create my own container off of oznu’s and just modify the uid/gid of the default user?

That’s why linuxserver is better always. Their method is great.
What I did to use it is either, use a volume directly configured via docker or mount the /config directory in the container to another folder in the system. In this case I made a /docker directory on the root and put all my docker containers data there by directory name (even linuxserver containers). I have no permission issues doing it this way. Always using my PUID:1000 and PGID:100 when it is a linuxserver container of course.

I made oznu/guacamole work with this config (what I currently use under Openmediavault/debian):

version: "2"

image: oznu/guacamole
container_name: guacamole
restart: unless-stopped
  - :8080
  - /docker/guacamole:/config

Previously was having the same issue as you when using a shared folder, configured under Openmediavault, to host all my containers’ data.