[Request] Baserow, Self Hosted Airtable Alternative

Hi all,

Requesting a linuxserver docker version of Baserow, a self hosted Airtable alternative.

Its been in development for a few months and has a demo version already available in docker, but the polish of a linuxserver version would be brilliant.

Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow

Website: https://baserow.io/

Version 0.6.0 has just released and seems to be well received, features are being added at a good rate.

Thanks as always for the hard work, greatly appreciated!

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Its good to finally see a self hosted competitor to Airtable.

I’ve given the demo a go from their repo and works, but its not recommended for production.

Having read through the devs last reddit post:


Hes planning a more production-ready docker at some point, but I too would much prefer a Linuxserver.io version.

If this could be revisited, I would also like to request this software. I believe it’s gone through enough milestones to warrant a new consideration.

Baserow image by LSIO would be perfect!