[Request] Bitwarden Container

Hi team,

I’m using many of your containers cause i love them and you’re idea using the s6 overlay. If available, i’m always using your container builds. For some month now i have been testing and using Bitwarden, a self hosted password manager. As i really appreciate your quick updates, support and so on and as i’m planning to use self-hosted Bitwarden in future, i would realy love to see a Bitwarden Container from your team. Here is they’re website: https://bitwarden.com/
The have a “self-hosted” version, which is also officially available as a docker image in the docker-hub.

Hope one of you guys have some time / fun to do it.

Thanks for reading my Request.


None of us have any interest in making a bitwarden container. Our suggestion is for you to use vaultwarden, which is bitwarden rewritten in rust.