[Request] bitwarden_rs

At the moment, the only thing I host that you all don’t have an image for is bitwarden_rs.
I found a blog post from linuxserver saying mprasil nailed it with the official image, so I doubt anything will come of this.

I just wanted to express that there is a desire for it, at least from me :).

Well IMHO there is not need for a Linuxserver.io version of Bitwarden_rs. The developers over at Bitwarden_rs Dani Garcia and M Parsil are doing a really great job on maintaining Bitwarden_rs and actively solving reported bugs and requests. With all the respect for the developers over here at Linuxserver.io who also are doing a terrific job, I guess they can use their time better doing order great things than reinventing the wheel. :wink:

I figured that’d be the case. Just makes me wonder why the team did bother to create all the images they already maintain; I thought it was more just to have standardized versions of popular images rather than because the official ones were lacking something.

Our primary drive is to both improve and standardise containerisation of various applications, but that should be qualified by a few things:

  • Is there an “official” offering already?
  • If there is, does it provide all the necessary features required by its users
  • Is it actively maintained?
  • Do members of the LSIO team already use the app or container?

It’s not our vision to absorb the market for all applications, so we tend to review whether or not our input would actively benefit users and the app developers.

We got into containerisation before it really kicked off (perhaps 5 or so years ago) so since then a fair number of developers have created their own versions (see Plex for example).

Hope that helps clear things up.

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