[Request] Cockpit project

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using cockpit web application/dashboard for a while and would enjoy to see a LSIO container for this project. Relevant links below.

Thanks in advance!

@tigerblue77 Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. If you are going to run Cockpit inside a Container, then you are trying to manage that Container via Cockpit (which I believe is the not your intension). If the intension is to manage the OS, then it makes sense to run on native OS as a service.

@Student, thanks for your reply. Yes the objective would be to manage :

  • either the Docker’s host
  • either other machines on network
    I think it would be nice to have this web application in a Docker container so that we can use Traefik with it.
    Also, I couldn’t post more than 2 links in OP as I’m new here but I think they do something similar with Podman here: Quay

The scope/goal of cockpit-podman is to manage the podman containers running on the host while using Cockpit software, whole primary goal is to magament the host. But the Cockpit software as such should be running on the host as a Service

I do use Cockpit on my Rasp Pi running RockyLinux 8.7. As you can see in the first image, the podman container “common-mariadb” (2) can be managed with controls at (3).

Similarly, you can manage podman images as well with cockpit-podman

Here is an article that I contributed to RockyLinux community (that I am part of, just like being part of this group/community) sometime back on running Nextcloud as a podman container on Rockylinux running on Rasp Pi4. Just passing along if that helps in anyway. thanks!