[Request] Communication hub for a self-hosted family

CoreDB is a self-hosted digital identity network that supports the IndiView mobile app. Through the app you can share photos, videos and chat all “off the grid”. Your data is only sent between self-hosted nodes and your mobile devices.

Someone concerned about their privacy would be interested in this project. Although other projects allow for self-hosted communication, none provide the access control allowing your to control who can see each photo or video in your feed.

The developer is interested in this being available in your repository as it would increase their visibility, potentially leading to more users or contributors to the project.

Mobile app: GitHub - rolandosborne/IndiView: Take back control of your data with IndiView, an app for self-hosted digital identities on CoreDB nodes. Designed for Android and iOS, supports messaging and personalized content feeds.
Self-Hosted node: GitHub - rolandosborne/CoreDB: Take back control of your data with a self-hosted network node for your digital identity. The IndiView app works with this node allowing you to share contact details, photos, and videos only with the people you specify.