[REQUEST] CyberChef

Saw this on r/selfhosted the other day: https://github.com/gchq/CyberChef
It would be really easy to throw this on top of the lsio nginx base, and I’d much more trust an lsio image!

An example:

Given the Devs have a pipeline that hosts stable releases on Github Pages and this is a static clientside app, is there any advantage outside of being able to access it offline?

As a Linuxserver.io team member I am all for self hosting but for downloading a zip and hosting a static blob we have a stand alone Nginx container.

You’re right that this could just be done with the existing nginx container. It’s more just about the convenience of having the static page baked into the container rather than having it volumed elsewhere. Makes automated deployment a little easier.

If it’s too trivial to be worth the lsio teams time I’ll just make my own!