[REQUEST] Digikam using RDesktop or RDesktop-web as base


there are a lot of us who are looking for a good and simple Photo management and Gallery/Web Gallery to have our photos and albums so we can share it with people or have a LAN album so people in our house will be able to see the albums.

There is nothing compared to Digikam in terms of usability and photo management. The request would be:

Create an Image using RDesktop (or Rdesktop-web) base, like the “remmina” image but with Digikam. The image should be able to mount a directory for the photos and also have a HTTP server to publish Static files created with the Digikam Export tool. Also, it is likely people using this image will also use the Piwigo image if they don’t want to create static sites with their photos, as Digikam can export directly to Piwigo.

I’ve already tested this using the Rdesktop and Rdesktop-web bases and in both cases, Digikam works pretty well running in a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB.

Thank you!

@cristiangauma https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/digikam :smiley:

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Hi @hackerman

thank you! for the update on this!. I’ve seen that it has been released for 10 days.

It is working for x86_64 but it does not work for armhf and arm64 as the appimage that is used in the Dockerfile is the x86_64 architecture. When the appimage is executed it gives an “Exec format error” as we are trying to run a x86_64 binary in an ARM* architecture.

I’ve been checking the digikam packages URL and they don’t have armhf or arm64 appimages, so maybe the best approach for this image is to just use apt to install digikam on top of openbox so it will work for other architectures.

The only problem that we might face is that the image size might increase because of the dependencies.

I’ll open a PR once I have 10 minutes to do so!.

Thank you again!