[Request] Docker domoticz new version


Could you please update new image domoticz it’s behind from git repo

Domoticz introduced precompiled headers by default, which don’t work on a musl based system that we compile on.
I just have to check that the rest of the build works locally before I push the fix. Should be avilabel within a day. The build takes ages on arm devices.

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Super happy but still waiting :wink:

Me too :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it will take some time until a new domoticz build is ready.
I can’t manage to build it without failing when it’s linking the domoticz binary to the open zwave libs. No matter which version (available in alpine) I use.

I already rebased it to Ubuntu, and using domoticz binaries, which works for x86, but for arm it doesn’t as they decided it was a good idea to not use an LTS distribution to compile their binaries on. So domoticz will not run since it requires glibc 2.28 and the latest on Ubuntu bionic is 2.27. So I have to wait until focal is released this month and we have a new focal base image.

The reason why we move to using domoticz own binaries is that it takes half a day just to compile it on arm and it often kills the arm nodes building it.

Any update on this post? Looking forward to the new version

another new stable came out, 2020.2, any update on a new docker image?

There is no schedule for when it’s fixed. It’s ready when it’s ready.


I’m also very curious about this new 2020 version. Do you have any idea of when you could release it ?


Is this image still alive?

Hopefully it will be soon.

Well best of luck then. Still the same issues with glibc 2.28?

I haven’t checked the official binaries lately, but have been waiting for docker/libseccomp update to fix the issue with arm on focal. I think Debian have updated libseccomp to the required version so users doesn’t run into any problems running the container.
I will look at it in the weekend and hopefully everything works.

Quick message to thank you: I switched to lsiodev/domoticz image (amd build) last Saturday and everything works.
Changed apk add commands to apt-get.

Thanks for checking it. I was going to test on my domoticz, but never got that far. Too much work and other stuff happening at the moment.
I’ll test it on mine and if it works, I’ll merge the changes.