[Request] Docker jit.si (Zoom alternative)

Hello there,

I think a jit.si container would be a great thing to add these days, especially with people looking for an alternative to Zoom and other web conference software. offical docker details. Thanks, and keep being awesome!

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Hello all,
I also want to use that awesome application on self hosted server.
I am not too familiar with building that sort of things, but the manuals and things that make, and support linuxserver.io are the best. Using thers imeges for docker i realy easy accomplish my ideas and try realy great aplication. In this pandemic situatuin, to have self hostet meating environment will be a great asset. The idea not to depend on a specific communication platform or social platform is realy importand. Nowadays, things are becoming more uncertain. It is unknown when any communications will begin to be isolated, interrupted or forbidden.