[Request] Docspell - Simple document organizer

I would like to request a Docspell LinuxServerIO container.

Simple document organizer

Docspell assists in organizing your piles of digital documents, resulting from scanners, e-mails and other sources with minimal effort.

I find Docspell to be more powerful and easier to use than paperless-ngx (which already has a LinuxServerIO container).

I tried to setup Docspell myself on Unraid following this loose guide but was not succesfull.
I think you need a postgres, solr, docspell/joex, docspell/restserver and a docspell/dsc container all working together.

That’s why I’d love to use an all-in-one container made by LinuxServerIO.
Like e.g. the paperless-ngx container from the Unraid community apps, where I find the LinuxServerIO version much easier to use than the official container.