[Request] Domoticz-Google-Assistant

Would like to get Docker image for project Domoticz-Google-Assistant.

I’m not the project maintainer (all gratitudes to DewGew ) but would like to ease the docker image build workflow.

Project is a python3 server (web interactions with domoticz) and replies to Google Assistant requests.
It is not directly linked to domoticz and should stay separated from domoticz image I think.

I already wrote a functional Dockerfile (x86-64) for the project :
FROM jfloff/alpine-python:3.7-slim

RUN cd / && \
    apk add  --no-cache --virtual=build-dependencies \
                git \
                libffi-dev \
                libressl-dev && \
    git clone https://github.com/DewGew/Domoticz-Google-Assistant.git dzGA && \
    cp /dzGA/requirements/pip-requirements.txt /requirements.txt

# Create volume
VOLUME /dzGA/config

# Configure Services and Port
CMD ["python3 /dzGA/__main__.py"]


Wouldn’t a docker mod to domoticz be more appropriate?

It’s a standalone server, so better to have it in a separate container.
Isn’t that right @OlivierFr?

Didn’t aptalca already make a container for it?

From my point of view, yes, separate container seems easier as it’s linked to domoticz only by http access. 2 containers in same network match perfectly. @saarg, I did not see a repo for this project (searching for “domoticz” only give your repo ;)).
But @driz, you’re perfectly right that this project is useless without domoticz. I did not dig into docker mod.
I should be able to write an init script that download this git repo; install missing apk and a basic service that runs the server.

Don’t know which is the best option. Please advise.

Yeah, I worked on this a bit. Got a working image built locally. But there are some issues that may need to be fixed upstream. For instance, when one changes the password, one can no longer login, the server will reject requests as the old password is still cached in the session.

I’ll reach out to the upstream dev

DewGew made docker container avaible on DockerHub:

Request closed.