[Request] Drink Stash

“A little web app for saving and searching for cocktail recipes.”

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This is exactly what I need! My roommate and I both get ingredients for making drinks, so having this be hosted from my Synology NAS would be ideal. We could both make Drink Stash accounts to save our recipes, and anytime one of us adds ingredients it’ll be updated for both of us.

Grocy seems like it could do this too, but it doesn’t have the nifty bar-specific niceties offered by Drink Stash. For example, Drink Stash has a repository of drink recipes. These recipes could be manually added one at a time to Grocy, but it’s a huge time saver to have them already added. It also makes it easier to discover new drinks that my roommate and I could make. It just adds a lot of convenience.

Also, Grocy is bloated by comparison. To be clear, I’m not saying that Grocy is bloated for its intended purpose of tracking groceries, household goods, and so forth. I think it’s great for what it sets out to do! It just happens to be meant to do a lot more things, whereas Drink Stash is more specialized.

So, for users like me who enjoy making a drink every once in a while, Drink Stash would be a fantastic addition! Thank you for considering.

P.S. I’m not the developer. Just an interested user.

I’m confused, it’s already packaged in a Docker container by the dev?