[Request] Duplicacy/Duplicacy Web

Duplicacy is a backup tool with a web-based GUI edition that I’ve been using for the past couple months.

I realize there is currently a Duplicati image provided by LSIO. I was in fact using Duplicati for a while before I consistently started getting errors (while I don’t have any detailed knowledge of Duplicati, not an insignificant number of other people seem to have issues with Duplicati). In any case, I imagine more options for backup are better than fewer ones.

I also know there is a Docker for the web gui, which I have been using for the past couple months. However, I think it would be helpful to have an official LSIO version, if only because I’d like to be able to reverse proxy Duplicacy via the LSIO LetsEncrypt container so that I can remotely administer my backups.

Thank you for your consideration! And thanks also for all your work supporting quality Dockers for popular tools!

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